T30 Gripper

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Magswitch T30 is compact and powerful boasting cutting edge technology enhancements and precision mounting interfaces. These tools are great for fixtures, pin locating and thin part material handling. Additional custom pole shoe geometry allows for extreme flexibility in applications. This tool is a precision fit for your next project!

Features & Benefits
• Larger air ports (G1/8) for increased compatibility and robust connections
• Manufactured to precision NAAMS tolerances with symmetrical side NAAMS mounting and dowel-fastener-dowel-fastener top fixturing
• Tool is equipped with externally accessible manual override
• 79x54x36 dimension and Maximum Breakaway of 160lb/73kg*
• In case of power loss and maintenance inspections, the external
manual override is included which saves the day

8800747 T30 Pin Clamp Pole Shoe Kit
8800696 T30 Standard Pole Shoe Kit
8800756 T30 Thin Target Pole Shoe Kit
8800699 T30 Sensor Cap Kit

*Pole Shoes are required. Not Included with base tool.

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