HPX diagnostic tool kit

Carestream NDTSKU: 1008804

Reapris115 000 kr

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For use with HPX-1 Plus and HPX-PRO CR Systems. Eliminate system calibration guesswork. Simple to use, reduces the time for checking system calibration down to only a few minutes. All system parameters are checked, reported and documented for proof your system was in proper calibration for a specific job.


  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Phantom Assembly Built
  • Phantom Tray (Including Label 9G4040)
  • INDUSTREX HR 14 x 17” Imaging Plate
  • INDUSTREX HR 6 X 10” Imaging plate
  • Flexible Cassette, SFC 6 x 10
  • Flexible Cassette, SFC 14 x 17
  • CR Cassette 14 x 17” without Copper
  • HVL Copper Filter
  • HVL Aluminum Filter
  • S/W and Documentation Kit F / Diagnostic System
  • Tool Screen Extractor
  • Locking Carrying Case

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