SMARTOR Tjockleksmätare


Utförande: Tjockleksmätare (A-Scan)
Reapris25 663 kr

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  • Upgradeable                                                                                                                         


  • One-hand Operation



  • Flat Weld Simulation
Up to 14 types of weld simulation, with dynamic beam tracking to visualize the flaw location.

  • Ultrasonic Weld Inspection

  • IP 66
  • Compact size: 198 (W)* 128 (H) *52 (L) mm
  • Light weight: 0.9kg only, including battery
  • 5.7" LCD with high resolution 640×480 pixels
  • Ultrasonic testing functions:
√ Standard: Weld/ plate/ forging test wizards, DAC, AVG/ DGS, AGC (Auto gain control), peak memory, video record, etc.
√ Optional: B-Scan, TCG, FFT (probe spectral analysis), CSC (curved surface correction), flat weld simulation, crack height measurement, BEA (backwall echo attenuator), AWS, API 5UE.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement functions:
√ Standard: A-scan thickness measurement (echo to echo mode, through coating measurement), auto-search, velocity measurement, alarm and dataset management.
√ Optional functions: CoatMode, B-Scan, multilayers, Vpath, TDG and temperature compensation.

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