Svetsbord PRO, 3000x1480

GPPHSKU: svetsbord-pro-3000x1480

Title: 3000x1480
Reapris101 156 kr

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Technical parameters of traditional welding table PRO

  • Thickness 15mm
  • Table legs made of profile 100x100mm
  • Capacity: 700 kg/leg
  • Stable and massive construction
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Perfect flatness of the table (+/- 0,5 mm)
  • Made of S355J2+N
  • Holes of system ø16 or ø28 in the grid 100x100
  • Three grids of holes on the 4 sides
  • Chamfered and milled holes for easy tool assembly
  • Height adjustment of the table with standard legs approx. 880-930mm
  • Engraved scale in the grid 100x100mm
  • Possibility of using stainless steel covers
  • Tables can be combined freely to extend a working surface
  • All tables are reinforced with ribs
  • Produced with standard ISO 2768–1
  • Milled worktop edges
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