TrafimetSKU: MA1473

Kylning: Luftkylt
Modell: T 250
Längd: 4 m
Reapris8 850 kr

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Flux Control Trafimet

The FCT system: excellent welding quality!

The FCT Torches are fitted with the Trafimet Flux control system. Through this system the operator can adjust the depression by pressing an additional handle button. The FCT system is required when you are welding in corner or narrow places, to avoid air floating that might disturb the shield gas. By pressing the FCT button, the anspirator stops (or close the vents in the case of centralized suction). The FCT system ensures excellent weld quality having the suction control in all circumstances.

The new Trafimet anspiration torches grant more performances and at the same time are handier and more ergonomic.

Our R&D especially focused on creating a very small handle with rotating metal joint that guarantees excellent grip and less effort. The new cable and the new outer hose are more performant, softer and handier.

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