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    • Learn Anywhere – the portable system sets up anywhere to introduce the skilled trades to students
    • One Small Step – VRTEX Engage provides an introductory environment that incorporates STEM features, exposure to welding safety, procedures and techniques
    • No Hidden Fees – with VRTEX Engage, there are no licensing requirements or annual fees for use
    • Increase Hands-On Practice
    • Explore Welding Career Paths
    • Reduce Costs with No Waste – there is no use of metal or gas in the virtual environment


  • Complete Package – VRTEX Engage, housed in a sturdy rolling hardshell case, contains a complete learning environment. Just open the box and get started
  • View a Demo of Each Weld
  • Instant Feedback and Assessments – evaluate student understanding of basic welding safety and weld procedure setup
  • Video Replay – for instructor or student review and analysis on the welding process

**When multiple units of VRTEX trainers are used in close proximity, Alternate Frequency models are available to avoid interference between units

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