Carestream NDTSKU: 1008986

Paket: HPX-1plus scanner | Stationär dator med senaste Industrexmjukvaran | 5MP monokrom skärm
Reapris1 200 000 kr

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The HPX-1 Plus system has a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity, making it ideal for almost any type of imaging application. Our exclusive positive pressure filtered air system keeps dust and dirt out for cleaner images in both the laboratory and in remote operations. With a shock and vibration resistant design your team can image in the harshest of environments, bringing a new level of confidence to digital imaging in the field.

Whether you’re using a gamma or x-ray source, the HPX-1 Plus’ high sensitivity can help reduce shot time. It shows exceptional performance in weld applications, delivering weld-quality images consistently and dependably.

The complete system ships pre-configured and is ready to operate with a few simple connections. The powerful, intuitive interface of the INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software minimizes training time so operators will be up and running quickly.

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