VRTEX 360 Single user READY-PAK CRATE (single user)

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  • Realistic puddle and actual welding sound helps welders learn to respond and adjust welding technique.
  • Simulates sparks, slag, grinding and weld cooling.
  • Welding discontinuities appear when improper welding technique is used.
  • Virtual bend test provides results instantly and reveals what causes a weld to pass or fail.

Reinforcement for Students:

  • Demos of successful welds.
  • Replicates proper machine set-up using a Welding Procedure Specification. Students must select gas type, process, gas flow, amperage/voltage and wire-feed speed in the system.
  • Tracks and scores key weld parameters including work angle, travel angle, travel speed, distance and position.

Support for Welding Instructors:

  • Encourages more consistent feedback than traditional training.
  • Replay mode (in multiple views) helps instructors and welders identify what went wrong or well.
  • Intuitive software program designed to bridge welding curriculum with hands-on training.
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