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The Magswitch 1.5 Ton Beam Jack is perfectly suited to pulling ferrous steel flat against stiffener beams, eliminating air gaps to allows for more efficient welding. Featuring 2 Magswitch MLAY 1000×6 arrays capable of delivering a maximum breakaway force of 3304 lbs.


• Removes air gaps between structural members (stiffeners) and their base material.
• Works stronger on thinner materials
• Patented shallow field technology offers the ability to weld closely to magnets without having a negative effect on the weld and gives you superior grip on thinner material.
• Lighter than other competitors.
• Magnet turns completely OFF and stays clean.

Lifters make contact with the base material and are turned on by simply actuating two handles. Once the magnets are actuated, turn the ratcheting handle to apply pressure to the beam. This will reduce the air gap and allow for easy welding.

Looking for something stronger? Check out 3 Ton Beam Jack or 6 Ton Beam Jack instead!

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