Pivot Angle 150 Mini

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Magswitch Pivot Angle 150 Mini has a holding angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, with each axis featuring a Magswitch magnet with a 150 lb. (68 kg) holding capability. No helping hands required. With interchangeable arms, this tool can be customized to fit in tight spaces! Arms compatible with Pivot Angle 150 Max, sold seperately. Get the job done by yourself with the Pivot Angle 150 Mini workholding tool.


  • On/Off Magswitch Magnet that truly stays clean.
  • Incredibly strong –each side has 150 lb of holding force. (68 kg).
  • Magswitch Multi plane workholding on three sides of each magnet Pivot Range from inside 28 to 270 degree angles.
  • Accommodates flat and pipe.
  • Single lock on knob for fast securing of your angle.
  • Odd angles –Incredibly fast set ups -literally in seconds.
  • Magswitch offers incredible strength, versatility and precision and sets up in seconds.
  • No wasted time cleaning magnet for use as is the case with older switching technology.Metal chips end up on floor, not in your finger!
  • Don’t take unnecessary safety risks holding steel at odd angles with your hands –lets us help.

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